OBJECTIVES: Engage with commercial, government and community stakeholders to:


1. identify key elements of spatially explicit marine biodiversity that stakeholders agree contribute to local, spatially identifiable provisioning, regulating and cultural ecosystem services


2. identify stakeholder value of the relative importance of these ecosystem services, considering multiple domains of evidence and value (ecological, economic and socio-cultural).


3. identify the interaction between the legal framework for decision making and knowledge exchange in the pilot study area. Determine what is the context for decision making, who makes decisions, who assist with decisions and what are the relationships.


4. explore the stakeholder evaluation of the impacts to ES of different scenarios concerning windfarm and MPA development including changes in hydrodynamic processes and predicted spatial changes in higher trophic levels.


5. evaluate the decision-support system with MREI and policy partners for its use in supporting marine spatial planning, improving commercial decisions and stakeholders



6. co-develop guidance for broad application of the system by the MREI in business decisions.


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