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Welcome to the CORPORATES Project

Cooperative Participatory Evaluation of Renewable Technologies on Ecosystem Services (CORPORATES).

The CORPORATES project builds community understanding of and dialogue about the range of ecosystem services provided by the Firth of Forth marine region in Scotland, UK. This project brings together leading ecological, economic, social-cultural, and legal experts from the University of Aberdeen, the Scottish Association for Marine Science, the James Hutton Institute and Marine Scotland Science with 3 marine renewable energy companies; Seagreen, Repsol & MainStream RP. Together with a wide range of community and industry stakeholders (fishing industry, marine wildlife NGOs, local community leaders and environmental businesses) this group will co-develop a decision-support system to assess large scale changes in ecosystem services in the marine environment. The Firth of Forth is a unique case study where there are plans for a Marine Protected Area in the same location as windfarm development, fisheries andmarine recreation. THe project aims to to map out local ES using different types of evidence, discuss their different and shared values and evaluate different scenarios to inform decisions. nerc-fb-logo